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Created by animators who would later go on to form Studio Gainax and create such notable works as Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, and Blazing Transfer Student.

Truly a great piece of animation history.



I did a photoshoot with Voodoodolly and Theta-Doctor at ACEN this weekend. These are some of Rei.

I’ll be posting sampler photos from each of the sets tonight, and full sets on my DA as the week progresses. Sets include: Haruhi, Zelda, Maid Rei and Asuka, Nryoken, and Ali’s shoots as well. :OOO

These photos are edited by Voodooodolly as well. :3 Thanks to her for that.

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to critique.


The most precious :)


Haruko and Kamon pictures from Ohayocon 2012! I LOVE wearing this costume and many thanks to Citadel  for being my always creepy Kamon. 

None of this glorious cosplay action would be documented without the artistry of Lionel who took these photos. Thanks!

More photos will be up on my Coscom :)

FLCL is one of my favorite animes, and when Mal told me she was going to cosplay Haruko, immediately, I had to cosplay Kamon.

(via swoz)